I am

Boniface Ogunti

Founder & CEO of Circle Of Successful University. Empowering online store owners, coaches, consultants, and service professionals to effortlessly attract ideal customers, maximize sales, and set optimal pricing strategies on demand


Boniface Ogunti is an entrepreneur from Minnesota, whi dropped out of university and started a successful company by the age of 21 working out of his girlfriend mom’s basement.

Boniface is an advertising consultant who helps people profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spent on behalf of clients and been able to prove ROI consistently.

Boniface’s clients are some of the fastest growing companies in the United States, and he has helped then gain choke holds in their markets online.

Boniface is the leading expert when it comes to starting and growing a e-commerce & coaching businesses, and he turned many of the industries inknown grey areas into an exact, predictable science. Top business owners use Boniface’s methods all over the world, and he is the first person many compinies call when they need attract new customers and cleints and grow their social media and learn how to profut from it.

Boniface strated by providing the services himself then he transitioned to advising, and now his methods, startigies, and tactics have been compliled together and turned into an online training programs which others can use to start and grow widly profitable advertising businesses of their own. Boniface training programs are the leading programs in the advertising induatry and have created more successful case studies than anything else the industry has ever seen.