Jennie’s Side

“Behind every successful man, there is a smart woman.”

For Boniface, Jennie Lok, his wife and Chief Strategy Officer
at Boniface Ogunti Companies – is that smart woman.

Jennie and Boniface have a yin and yang synergy that allow them to lead
the global movement in harmony. While Boniface’s business acumen is unmatched, the same can be said for Jennie’s intuition and instincts.

Her innate ability to understand both the minds of the entrepreneur
and the consumer gives her the uncanny edge in identifying business
gaps and opportunities that other business leaders commonly overlook.

At the same time, Jennie has the amazing ability to look past the noise, see the very core of business challenges and offer highly strategic, low-risk, high-reward, and win-win solutions others simply do not see.

In business negotiations, Jennie is one of the most trusted strategists at Boniface Ogunti Companies. Many
business leaders praise Jennie as being extremely perceptive in reading people and situations – making
her an invaluable asset to all business decisions.

On her team and in the community, she is looked up to as a leader and mentor. Radiating a confident presence, she provides leadership with a strong, no-nonsense, yet always fair approach.

Jennie’s strength lies in observing and taking in information, then striking when the time is right. So while she is not as public as Boniface… when she speaks up, you definitely want to listen.

Ask Jennie

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