I attempted 7 business ventures and failed – Boniface Ogunti

Renowned business tycoon Boniface Ogunti, hailing from Liberia but now based in the United States, has garnered widespread attention for amassing over $2.5 million by the age of 21, with a reported net worth exceeding $36 million. Surprisingly, his success story revolves around a seemingly straightforward strategy – running Facebook ads for eCommerce.

However, before tasting success, Boniface weathered the storm of seven failed ventures. Reflecting on this challenging journey, he candidly admits that, given the chance, he would steer clear of those early misguided business endeavors. The desperation that fueled these ill-fated ventures drained his resources, consumed his time, and diverted his focus.

In a recent interview, Ogunti opened up about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the numerous failures that preceded his breakthrough. His entrepreneurial odyssey commenced at the young age of 16, airbrushing sneakers for locals in his town. At 17 to 18, he ventured into the music industry, establishing a recording studio with $2,000 from his shoe-customization earnings. Transitioning to sales at 18, he sold TV services door-to-door and in major retailers. At 19, while selling car insurance, he stumbled upon the world of online product sales. Despite encountering failure in seven business ventures, Ogunti found his stride in selling products online, leading to a remarkable $2.5 million in revenue during the first year of his online store.

The motivation for Ogunti’s journey to the United States stemmed from the war in his home country, West Africa Liberia. Leaving his mother behind, he lived with his grandmother, attending high school like any other teenager before making the pivotal decision to drop out and initiate his online business.

Today, Boniface stands as the founder of the Advanced Client Acquisition™ Certification Program, a global movement spanning 127+ countries. This program empowers entrepreneurs to master the art of advertising, collectively generating tens of millions of dollars in sales across various industries. Beyond his certification community, Ogunti has emerged as a thought leader in the realms of personal development and business. His YouTube channel is rapidly ascending in the business category, featuring hundreds of videos, while his social media fan pages boast a following exceeding 2.5 million, growing steadily every day.

Ogunti’s admiration for greatness traces back to his teenage years when he drew inspiration from Michael Jordan’s movies and began playing basketball at the age of 13. One particular Jordan quote resonates deeply with him: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Ogunti sees his life story reflected in this sentiment, emphasizing that failures are not viewed as positive or negative situations but as events that guide him towards positive changes.